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Kevin Liao
CEO & President

Something we want you to know !

Since the establishment in 2005, Ming Jang Company has perceived with its sharp insight the gradual adjustment and change of setting up their manufacturing equipment in garment factories to be in accordance with the inclination of change in fashion taste and rising requirement for wearing comfort in consumer markets. In order to capture that developing opportunity, our management & technical teams have devoted all our resources to R & D and manufacture for that “Niche” market. The main purpose of all the efforts is nothing but providing a satisfactory sewing equipment and related service to those global apparel manufacturing enterprises.

As to the design of sewing machines, we employed at the same time the ideas of energy-saving, environment protection, user-friendly, high-efficiency output and state-of-the-art, so that in the efforts of searching for high quality the customers’ satisfactions with the high value created can be realized.

During the development of our machines, we have kept on paying high attention to all possible requirements of those sewing operators in the garment factories, and have all the times tried our best to pursue the solutions. Thanks to those tasks we are proud of, more than 40 world patents on new designs and technology have been obtained. We are also pleased that those tasks have resulted in increasing positive recognition and appreciation from customers in many corners of the world.

We will continue working hard to enable MEGASEW machines and related service to completely accomplish our core value – in search of “The art of sewing”. To take the opportunity, I would sincerely thank you for your continuous encouragement and patronage.

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